What is Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an open file format for vector graphics based on XML. Thanks to the work of a research group created in 1998 by the W3_Consortium: the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG enables Web developers and designers to create dynamically generated, high-quality graphics from real-time data with precise structural and visual control.

This format based on other public standards (XML, CSS, HTML) which allows for the creation of vectorial images which are re-scaleable, perfect to save bandwidth, to optimise layout and to allow zooming without losing the quality of the image. Graphics created in SVG can be dynamic or interactive, can group, transform, create graphic objects within other objects and be given style attributes.

With this powerful new technology, SVG developers can create a new generation of Web applications based on data-driven, interactive, and personalized graphics.

The good things about using this open format is you can easily transfer and edit them in any platform. I think, most vector designing softwares nowadays like Adobe Illustrator, Xara Extreme and Corel Draw support this format. So, you don't have to worry about some proprietary file format like .ai or .cdr where you can't open them on other software when you transfer the file to another computer that don't have the proprietary software to open it.

Ubuntu - the best art of operating system crafted

I've been busy with my daily routine, nearly to forget this blog. Thank god, I didn't forget this very blog. Well, as my blog readers know, I'm working in IT related, system development field and not officially into art and design field. However, my interest still goes deep into art and craft.

Lately, I've been playing a lot with this Ubuntu, a linux based operating system. Believe it or not, linux have gone far beyond the art of operating system. I would love to nominate Linux as the best operating system ever crafted. Why? because it was crafted by developers around the world without aiming for "money" in the first place. They build it to for the sake of having a flexible operating system for themselves to use. And what's good about linux is, they are sharing it for free around the earth globe.

As I've used to do my works in this OS, I'm starting to love it. If someone ask my recommendation whether to use Microsoft Vista or XP?, I'll surely say, "you better use Ubuntu!!". I'm not getting any sponsorship from Ubuntu for promoting them. I'm just sharing something great that I've tried.

For designer and artists, there is a lot you can do in Ubuntu. And for god sake you can even add or request more features you would like to have in it. Isn't it great? Photo editing can simply be done in Ubuntu using the free Gimp and Logo or vector design can be productively accomplished using Xara Extreme. You can get all of them for free!! yes!! for free!!

To prove my words, you may have a look on these software that is freely available for Ubuntu users who love arts and designs.

Photo Management...
Picasa for Ubuntu - Google's photo managing software.
F-Spot - a full-featured personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop.
DigiKam - a free, opensource advanced digital photo management application for linux.
JBrout - a photo manager, written in python/pygtk under the GPL licence. It's cross-platform, and has been tested on GNU/linux and windows XP/2k.

Raster Graphics/Photography/RAW Tools...
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
UFRaw - The Unidentified Flying Raw (UFRaw) is a utility to read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras. It can be used on its own or as a Gimp plug-in.
MetaPixel - a program for generating photomosaics.
GimpShop - Fork of The Gimp, shortcuts and menus like in photoshop, but otherwise it's the same old Gimp.
Hugin - an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging toolchain based on Panorama Tools.

Vector Graphics
InkScape - An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.
Xara Xtreme - A winner. It really is a good substitute for Illustrator.

Graphic designer who is already used to use Mac will see this operating system as the new Mac OSX because we can have mac experiences in Ubuntu. Check out the Ubuntu Official site for more info.

Creative Sense In Photography by Chema Madoz

While surfing over the web sphere, I found this cool Photos by Chema Madoz. It is true that Picture worth thousands words. And when you see all the photos by Chema Madoz, you will feel like traveling in the picture with thousands of meanings. Take a look at these photos...

I'm a bit busy right now. Can't write any longer. Feel free to check Chema Madoz website for more. Enjoy...

Logo Design Company Reviews and Resource Portal

Successful branding starts with the right logo. As I'm dealing with lots of Graphic Design jobs, knowledge on creating logo that's professional, memorable, and adaptable is essential. I recently notice one blog with good articles about Logo Design. Its a blog that worth reading for Graphic Designer who's dealing with logos and branding.

Logo Design Blog

Logo Blog is dedicated to giving you unbiased, reliable and independent user based reviews and advice about Logos, and Logo Design Companies.

I like their commitment to provide up-to-the-minute news and articles about the logo design industry. They encourage every one to participate and have discussion about the various logo design companies, logo design skills, logo design styles and the new customized typefaces and design ideas. Logo Blog also conducts interviews of logo designers, which will help you in understanding some logo design technicalities in laymen terminology.

Logo Rank at Logo BlogLogo Blog also provides free logo design review services for small businesses along with a free monthly marketing and branding newsletter. Concisely, Logo Blog is concerned with the excellence of the logo design services provided by the logo design companies to their customers.

Their Logo Company Ranking can be a good start for those who are searching for Logo Company to design their Company Logo. The reviews about these Logo and Branding Companies can really help you choosing the best that suits your branding needs. Check out the Logo Design Blog for more articles on Logo Design. Hope you enjoy this too...

The Art of Programming

Apart from being an art hobbyist and freelance graphic designer, I'm currently working as Software Engineer for a Wireless Broadband company here in Kuala Lumpur. Seems like I'm in a different field but I really love programming since I hear about it back in 1996. I still remember the day that my friend told me that I have to have at least a mainframe to do programming while I only have an old Windows 3.1 PC.
I then started my journey to know more about programming, learn the Assembly Language and Turbo Pascal by reading cheap Second Hand books since it's hard to find internet cafe at that time. Those memories makes me laugh and I'll surely knock my friend's head (the guy who lie about the Mainframe) because I do programming using a simple Win95 PC and not a mainframe or any super computer.

For me, Programming have its own artistic value. The science and art of programming is really wonderful. I draw this cartoon during my early years of assembly language programming journey. Most of the examples on assembly language code I read that time is for cracking and hacking... Owh please, don't stare at me like that. I don't crack softwares and sell it. I just do some reverse engineering for my learning purpose. If you are interested about The Art Of programming, then check out this long Art Of Programming article on PaulGraham.com

Guido Daniele - Multimedia Artists And Body Painter

While surfing around the net, I found this great body painter website. I really enjoy his hand painting masterpiece. These hand paintings was so cool and realistic. Honestly, this kind of art works really inspires me. Maybe sounds like I'm in a day dreaming, but I really hope that I can be as good as this too . Anyway, Guido Daniele is a Multimedia Artist and Body Painter who lives and works in Milan, Italy. He was born in Soverato (CZ - Italy). Since 1964 until 1968 he attended Brera artistic High School and he graduated from Brera School of Arts (major in sculpturing) in 1972. He lived in India since 1972 to 1974 where he attended the Tankas school in Dharamsala.

Guido Daniele - Handimals

Guido Daniele has worked as a hyper-realistic illustrator, co-operating with editing and advertising companies, innovating with airbrush and testing out various painting techniques. Since 1986 he has been working and improving his personal usage of airbrush. He has painted backcloths up to 400 sq metres in size. He has also painted trompe l'oeil images for private houses and public buildings. In 1990 he developed a body painting technique, and his work has been used in advertising images and commercials, as well as fashion events and exhibitions. His personal artistic research has recently led him to the combination of the two traditional portrait techniques, which are photography and oil painting, laied on photographic support in the same way as Jan Saudek. His "master" of photographic shooting and manual print in darkroom has always been the famous photographer Francesco Radino. Its search started in 2000 about "Handimals" which was made with the method of body painting has a great international interest.

Check out his website at Guido Daniele for more informations.

Old Sketch 12: Wardina Safiyyah

Wardina Safiyyah is a Malaysian's Popular Celebrity who started the new Islamic style among artists where she refuse to take off her headscarf like other celebrities even for a shampoo tv commercials. Do you want to know how glamor she is with headscarf? When you walk by headscarves shops around Kuala Lumpur or everywhere in Malaysia, you can see headscarves named by her name. They call it "Tudung Wardina" which means "Wardina's Headscarf". She have also started a new style of wearing those headscarves and they call it Wardina's Headscarf Fashion.
Old Sketch: Wardina

This sketch is done with pencil on paper. I didn't like it much because I noticed there is something wrong with the proportion of the nose and face . Anyway, if you want to know more about her, you can check out Wardina Safiyyah's Friendster Pages for news about her.

Old Sketch 11: Skinhead II

Being a Skinhead in the early 1994 till the end of 2001 here in Malaysia have influenced my lifestyle with the Skinhead culture and ideology. Skinheads was named for their shaven or close-cropped heads. They are a working-class subculture that originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1960s. This subculture then spread to other parts of the world.

Back to the beginning, the first skinheads were greatly influenced by West Indian rude boys and British mods, in terms of fashion, music and lifestyle. Originally, the skinhead subculture was primarily based on those elements, not politics or race. Since then, however, skinhead aligned themselves with attitudes toward race and politics. The political spectrum within the skinhead scene ranges from the far right to the far left, although many skinheads remain apolitical. Fashion-wise, skinheads range from a clean-cut 1960s mod-influenced style to less-strict punk- and hardcore-influenced styles.

This pencil sketch was made in the middle of the years I've been with the Skinhead lifestyle with my friends, Skinheads all over Malaysia. We listen to Oi!, Reggae and SKA music at gigs. I don't know what happened to the Skinheads in Malaysia today as I can see the culture is not with the working-class people but followed by students who pretend that they are the working-class and then protest for something that they don't even experienced yet.

Today, I love my life and family. I love my works and my company I worked for. I have nothing to protest because we can really solve problems through discussions. There are no more capitalists who keep the pressure to workers and gain the money because if I'm with them, I can just leave and find another good paid job. Even blogging can make me money. Skinhead for me have gone back to just music and fashion where I can change my fashion whenever I feel to change. My hair have grow longer than Mods cut and I like to change my hairstyles when I get bored with one. You may call me poser, and I don't really care about it anymore . Check out my Reggae And SKA blog to hear musics that I'm tuned to.

Jimmy Hendrix Set On Fire by Phil Hansen

I'm one of Phil Hansen's fan and I do love and inspired by all of his creative arts since I firstly found him on YouTube doing his Bruce Lee High Speed Painting. He recently emailed me about his latest art work. The special things about Phil Hansen's Latest Artwork is he burned or destroyed them upon completion. This kind of method reminds me to the sand castles which I've made on the beach where I'll then bulldozed them after finish building the castles. The different is, I didn't take the video.

Jimmy Hendrix on fire
Zoomed Matchsticks

This art piece is called Jimmy Hendrix where he create a Jimmy Hendrix image by arranging colored match sticks. There is Red Tipped, Black Tipped and White Tipped Matchsticks and the size of the finished piece is 15" by 17". Check out this video for the full artwork in progress and then get burned.

Actually, Phil Hansen have started his new art blog called Goodbye Art and he will be posting different art pieces with different theme every week. That's why he created the Jimmy Hendrix piece and set it on fire for this week theme called 'Fire'. Hope you'll Enjoy them too.

Cameron Diaz on pencil

This time, I'm still with my pencil sketch practice. But with a little more serious because I want to check my improvement in pencil drawings. I have done some BCD (Blind Contour Drawing) and CD (Contour Drawing) to improve my skill. Thanks to Takara for his advice on BCD and CD. However, I'm not going to post my BCD and CD sketch because I don't like how they look... but here is my Cameron Diaz sketch.

Cameron Diaz Sketch
Cameron Diaz is one of my favorite popular celebrity. I refer this sketch from one of her celebrity pictures collection available on the internet. I don't remember the link because I found it already in my archive.

I choose the reference picture because of her hairstyles. I want to challenge myself for details of her hair and also with the water elements. If you noticed the water in this sketch, then I can say that was some improvement on me because it's real hard for me to draw realistic water surfaces. Another bonus this time is the making of Cameron Diaz sketch photos.

The making of Cameron Diaz Sketch

Hope you like it. And before I'm closing, feel free to check out Cameron Diaz DVD on Amazon here. And hope you enjoy them too because I do...

Thats all for now. Feel free to leave your comments here because I love to hear all your voice out there about my amateur drawing and hope that I can improve with more support from all of you, the fellow readers of ArtOfApOgEE blog.

Where to get Free Photoshop Brushes, Vector Graphics and Textures

Vector Art by *liajedi on deviantArtI got some queries from friends about where did I get those free Adobe Photoshop Brushes, royalty free vector graphics and textures since my last post about Royalty Free Vector Graphics, Photoshop Brushes and Textures. Well my friend, I'm stick why my best answer for this... Just google it and you will find tons of those royalty free vectors, brushes and textures. It's true! I'm not joking about it. All you have to do is browse through the result and you'll find a lot of those valuable resources. You will find most of them are free and ready to be downloaded.

For those who are new with vector graphic, it is also called geometric modeling or object-oriented graphics. Vector Graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons, which are all based upon mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics. It is used in contrast to the term raster graphics, which is the representation of images as a collection of pixels. There are various format of vector graphic you can download. The most common format available is EPS, PDF, WMF and SVG. Don't be sad if you see the size is so small because this type of graphic is scalable. You can open, resize and edit this type of vector art file in most vector graphics editor such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or Xara Extreme.

However, I'm glad to share my list of selected free vector graphics, Adobe Photoshop Brushes and textures as my appreciation to you... the loyal visitor of this blog. Feel free to bookmark this post as I will update the list when I found other worthy links.

Brusheezy Brushes :: Collection of free Adobe Photoshop Brushes
Brusheezy Patterns :: Collection of free cool patterns
Vectorvault :: Royalty free vector graphics samples (come on, it's free too!)
FreeVectors.com :: All free vector art
Bittbox :: Free Vector Glass Header Designs - Fancy
Bittbox :: 72 Free Vector Glass Buttons and Bars
Bittbox :: Free Vector Swooshes, and Fancy Corner Designs.
Monkey Vector Pack :: Collection of monkey Vector Pack
Fura Vector Pack Set 1 :: Royalty free Vector pack by furaworld
2D Valley :: Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes
Vecteezy :: an index of Free Vectors available for download by some of the best designers around the world. (updated every day!)
Gabriele Magurno :: 106 Free custom vector shapes
Spoon Graphics :: Free Vector Resources
Komodo Media Goodie Pack :: Collection of leaves in illustrator ai format.
Free Photoshop Shapes :: Large collection of free photoshop shapes.
Webpage Elements :: collection of vector webpage elements in ai and eps format.
FreeVectors.Net :: large gallery of vector graphics.

Royalty Free Vector Graphics, Photoshop Brushes and Textures

Royalty Free Vector PackAs a busy Graphic Designer with tight schedule, ready made vector graphics, Photoshop brushes and textures will really helps you to be more productive with your graphic design work. So, it is a must for every graphic designer too keep the stock or collection of them.

You can create your own vector graphics, Photoshop brushes and textures for your stock when you have time or just doing a simple practice on it. I do made some when I'm practicing since I believe 'Practice Makes Perfect' plus, I can add these materials into my stocks. However, it took years to have a collection of thousand vector graphics, brushes and textures all by myself.

Photoshop Brush PackCome on my friend, worry no more! Because there are peoples around us who generously share their pre-made vector graphics, Photoshop brushes and textures. And they didn't claim any royalty on it. Isn't that great?... Royalty free vector illustrations, brushes and textures could save hours of design time normally spent sourcing and creating design elements for use within your work.

You can grab them for totally free or pay one time only (for their effort to compile the collection for you) and then use them as much as you like without worrying about royalty fees and other unnecessary fees.

Textures PackNow, you've got the idea on how to build your own stock of these royalty free stuff right? you can start today by googling the web sphere for Royalty free vector graphics, brushes and textures and grab them.

Here's one of that kewl stuff. I recently found that Go Media is giving away some samples of their royalty free vector graphic stocks. Don't wait, get em now!

Happy Girl

I'm quite busy lately so I don't have time to sketch even my hand vibrates to took the pencil and make a new sketch. Anyway, I have one more sketch to share with you. The model is refered from a magazine called Readers Digest... Enjoy...

Nicolas Cage

Also found the photo in Readers Digest. Just playing around with the tone and don't want to draw the full face... Is it look like Nicolas Cage?

Another Practice Sketch

Another practice... this sketch done with pencil on paper. Refered from an advertisement on Readers Digest... Just enjoy...

Listen to music

Just my practice sketch... i hope my skill will improve. Done with pencil on paper. The picture is dark coz there is not enough light in the room and I'm lazy to retake the photo at the brighter location... LOL

Smile... Oil Pastel

I'm trying to draw and color using oil pastel. So, here is the result then.

Done using Bunco oil pastel on my sketchbook. Not so good... But I think it's okay for a start.

MyList Update

OK guys... this is my My List Update...

My List stands for the giving hearted and goodwill of Malaysians to help one another and also most definitely for the Malaysian Boleh! spirit in the great big world of blogsphere!

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Deanna Yusoff on my sketchbook

Deanna Yusoff is one of popular Malaysian actress, singer, model and host. She have won the The Best Women Film Actor Award on the 10th Malaysia Film Festival via a film called Selubung (1991). I referred this sketch from Jelita magazine's cover issue April 2005. Anyway, this is just my practice on pencil sketch. Enjoy...

Amy Search on Soft Pastel

This is my second attempt to draw using Soft Pastel. I'm still experimenting with the colors and blending. So, I draw Amy face. The singer of Malaysian rock band called Search. His band is so popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and even Brunei.

The drawing was created about 8 years ago and about a week after my first Soft Pastel drawing done. Still, I'm not really satisfied with it. Maybe I have to refer to some tutorials to find my mistakes. :D


Hmm... This is my latest sketch. Still hot from the oven. I got this request from a blogger friend called Roshatika to draw her picture and I think she have been waiting for this for month since I got too busy to do so. Let me call her Kak Ros since she is older than me Ngeheheh! (Oh yeh! I feel younger.. hihihih). This sketch is done with 6B pencil in my sketch book. I referred this sketch from her photo taken on 1989. She have been announced as Ratu Cantik Pesta Port Dickson (Beautiful Queen of Port Dickson Feast... some kind of Miss Universe for Port Dickson) on 1989.

Hey, feel free to check out her nice blog at Diari Roshatika. She is so pretty isn't she? And here's a bonus from me... The making of Roshaika. Hope you enjoy it.

Old Sketch 10: Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious is more famous than all his band mate. He is from a punk rock band called Sex Pistols. By the way, this is my first attempt on soft pastel. I'm not satisfied with the output...

Old Sketch 9: Jazz

Another charcoal on paper workout. A jazz player... Enjoy

Old Sketch 8: Marilyn Manson

Still with the ROTTW magazine and found something catchy to draw. This sketch is referred from a Marilyn Manson picture. Done with pencil on paper.

Old Sketch 7: Kuman of KU2

Every time I get bored and don't know what to do, I pick up a magazine, and searching for something to draw. I still have my charcoal in my toolbox. The reference picture was so small in a magazine called ROTTW. And this is what I've done using charcoal on paper from my drawing block. The guy name is Kuman from a band called KU2.

Old Sketch 6: Horror

This is another old sketch. Done with charcoal on paper. At that time, I was trying my charcoal and have no idea what to draw. I read some ghost stories and this is what comes from my imagination...

Old Sketch 5: Musics

This is another old sketch done with pencil on paper. I created this sketch about 8 years ago. I call this sketch music because I'm sketching all the musicians I like at that time.

Jaipur Old Man

This sketch done with pencil on paper. It was refered from a photo called Jaipur Old Man. The photo is taken by Nicholas Ferrando from Argentina and make him win the 3rd place of Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2006 Competition.