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Facebook Graffiti Wall: Azlan And His Catch

Azlan a.k.a LamCha is my old best friend who love fishing and outdoor activity. I really missed the time we went out for hiking, camping and climbing. Today, I steal one of his facebook photo and draw it on Facebook Graffiti Wall. I need more practice on this . Here's the result... enjoy...

And this is why I like this Graffiti Wall... because you can replay...

That's all for today... see you later...

Another Sketch

Due to my failed attempt to draw Nasha Aziz on pencil. I'm trying to practice again... This time, I sketch with my wacom on GIMP...

Don't ask me, I also have no idea why I like to sketch an eye... maybe there is something in my eyes

Nasha Aziz sketch part two

Nothing much improvement of the previous Nasha Aziz sketch... touching up here and there before going to sleep... Owh.. I'm moving in slow-mo now...

I think I'm missing something. But I couldn't find it yet... I just couldn't see this drawing looks like the real actress. Or maybe you can tell me which part of it...

Hopefully, I can finish this drawing soon.. hopefully... if I'm still in the mood and have some time to do it

Nasha Aziz sketch part one

After some busy months, I just got the opportunity to do another sketch yesterday. To avoid my pencil sketch skill getting rusty, I tried to draw Nasha Aziz, referred from a magazine cover found on my book shelf.

And the result show, my skill already got rusted. Simply because I couldn't even finish the drawing in a day. The first attempt got lot's of mistakes make me shy to show you that sketch . I really need more practice to polish my drawing skill.

Here's the unfinished drawing of Nasha Aziz, one of the famous actress in Malaysia:

Not done yet for my pencil on paper drawing. This sketch didn't satisfy me much. I can feel my sketch is far away from the output image in my brain processor... Maybe, my hand printer need to be re-aligned, serviced or need some 'clean ink head' procedure...

Ubuntu LoCo Bunting Design

I've been asked by Ubuntu Malaysia Local Community to work on a bunting artwork for the upcoming Ubuntu Release Party event at Berjaya Time Square.

So, here it is.

:: Created in Inkscape + GIMP ::

This design is forked from Spreadubuntu - Highway to Freedom which is licensed under creative commons 3.0 share alike

You can download the high resolution artwork for printing here.

Hope you like it

Ubuntu-my t-shirt printing - The Community have decided.

Two days ago I've started my Ubuntu Malaysia community t-shirt design and it have gone through several changes and updates. Last night, I'm having a quick discussion with Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo team members on #ubuntu-my IRC channel which you can read the log here, some of community member bring up the issue on:
Why monochrome Sleeve Logo?Why No embroidery?could we cut the price?t-shirt & print quality.
Previously, I've told you that I only found one printer who can print it on time. I couldn't spend much time to search for other printers due to my busy schedule which mean I don't have much choices. So, I leave it to them to find and select other printers that suit their requirement.

As the result of that discussion, the final specification for printing is:
Dark Brown t-shirt - 100% cotton, with sleeve grip and collar (Polo)Colored Embroidery logo - on sleeve (and pocket side if possible). Actual size is 6x6 cm.Silkscreen print on back, and pocket side (if couldn'…

Ubuntu-my Community t-shirt Final Design

Due to limited time we have for printing, please note that the design have changed to meet printer restrictions in order to get this t-shirt printed before 31st May 2009 and be ready for MSC Open Source Conference 2009.

Update!! This is NOT the final design. Check the Final Design Here!!!

So, this is the final design:

~ Pocket Side ~

~ Sleeve ~

~ Back ~

~ Final t-shirt preview ~

:: Designed in Inkscape + GIMP ::

The price is RM50 per t-shirt (I wish I could get it cheaper but I can only find this printer and we are in hurry). You can still do your pre-order now using this formbefore 20/5/2009 8:00AM (Malaysian Time). Hurry up guys!!

Update!! This is NOT the final design. Check the Final Design Here!!!

Ubuntu t-shirt design Updated

Updated Version of my Ubuntu Community t-shirt design.

Update!!This is not the final design!!. Final design to be printed is HERE

~ Back ~

~ Chest & sleeve ~

~ Design Preview ~

:: Designed in Inkscape + GIMP ::

OK, that's for now... I'm gonna print this. So, you can pre-order...

Update!! You can do pre-order now!! Just Fill up and submit your pre-order Now!!..

Be quick!!

Update!!This is not the final design!!. Final design to be printed is HERE

Ubuntu-My 2009 t-shirt design

hot from the oven...

Designed using Inkscape + GIMP

Update!!This is not the final design!!. Final design to be printed is HERE Logo V3

The previous Logo Draft is actually version 2. So, here's v3...

this is the same version without background...

Feel free to leave your comments... Logo Draft

I was asked to design logo for is Open Source Developers’ Conference which is a conference designed for developers, by developers. It covers numerous programming languages across a range of operating systems. Talks vary from introductory pieces through to the deeply technical. With three talks on at any time, spanning over three days; there is bound to be something of interest to any developers.

Here's some draft...

the first logo won the vote but I feel like it is too simple. So, I'm playing with other new design...

and this one with different eye color (mouse deer head)...

I'm still trying to get some more design out of my head.

** Logo design using Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor and GIMP.