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SKA Brass

Brass Instruments such as trombone, trumpet and saxophone are common instruments used in SKA music. It is like a trend to all SKA band to feature this instruments to drive the song’s melody alongside bass and drum beats.

The original image is found somewhere on internet. I just redraw it again in Inkscape to practice my skill. You can download my Inkscape Scalable Vector Graphic here: Download SVG

Hope you enjoy this ska artwork. Happy skankin!

Rudies Couple Riding Scooter

Rude Boys and Rude Girls is the name that we use to describe fans of SKA music genre. This term have been used since late 1970s, started by the revival of two-tone SKA.

In 1960s, the first rude boys were associated with the poorer sections of Kingston, Jamaica, where ska, then rocksteady were the most popular forms of music. They dressed in the latest fashions at dancehalls and on the streets. Many of these rude boys started wearing sharp suits, thin ties, and pork pie or Trilby hats; inspired by United States gangster movies, jazz musicians and soul music artists. In that time period, disaffected unemployed Jamaican youths sometimes found temporary employment from sound system operators to disrupt competitors' dances (leading to the term dancehall crasher). This — and other street violence — became an integral part of the rude boy lifestyle, and gave rise to a culture of political gang violence in Jamaica. As the Jamaican diaspora grew in the United Kingdom during the 1960s, rude …

1Malaysia Logo - Vector Graphic

For those who are searching for high resolution version of 1Malaysia logo, you can use this scalable vector graphic. Resize it to whatever size you like and the quality will always maintain as is.

1Malaysia is an on-going campaign announced by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on September 16, 2008, calling for the cabinet, government agencies, and civil servants to more strongly emphasize ethnic harmony, national unity, and efficient governance.

1Malaysia strongly emphasizes national unity, ethnic tolerance, and government efficiency. The eight values of 1Malaysia as articulated by Najib Razak are perseverance, a culture of excellence, acceptance, loyalty, education, humility, integrity, and meritocracy.

This vector graphic is done in Inkscape. You can download the Inkscape scalable vector graphic: Download SVG

Hope you enjoy it

Simple Tux in Vector

I create this simple tux logo in vector using Inkscape. The idea is to simplify and reduce the color of the original image. DIY t-shirt geeks can simply grab this logo and make the silkscreen.

You can download the Inkscape scalable vector graphic here: Download SVG

Bunga Segi

This is part of my Kerawang Collection. Kerawang is Malaysian word for floral vector arts. This floral vector is normally used by wedding photographers to decorate their wedding storybook. I took the original design from internet which is a little rough and redesign it in Inkscape.

So, here is my Inkscape Scalable vector graphic version of this floral vector which I call it 'Bunga Segi': Download SVG

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Shout SKA

The original hand-drawn image is found in google image. I don't know the artist who draw it. I'm still practicing my Inkscape skill. While tuning in 'Do SKA' song by Polemic, I redraw the hand-drawn image to vector in Inkscape.

You can download the Inkscape vector source here: Download SVG

Two Tone Rude Boy Disc

I got the original image from SKA brushes by DusterAmaranth and create my vector art version in Inkscape.

You can download the Inkscape vector graphic source: Download SVG

Hope you enjoy it.

SKA Saxophonist

Another SKA Vector artworks done in Inkscape. The original artists for this artworks is also unknown. I just redraw it again in Inkscape to practice my Inkscape skill.

As usual, for those who like the Inkscape vector graphic source can download it: Download SVG

Hope you enjoy it . Thanks for your support, Happy Skankin!

SKA is Back In Town

I took the original image of this drawing somewhere from internet and I don't know who is the original artists who made this. I like SKA and I redraw this using Inkscape.

Here is the Inkscape Vector graphic of this drawing. Download SVG

Reverspective - Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes is a great artist who creates amazing artworks with optical illusions where you can see the perspective changing while moving across his masterpieces. Born in Birmingham, England in October 1939. His first exhibition was in 1961 and his first reverspective was made in 1964. He has been exhibiting with Angela Flowers Gallery (now Flowers Galleries) since 1970. He has written and collated five books on visual and verbal rhetoric.

Hughes' work is full of irony. By creating a world solidified into perspective he makes pictures that come alive before our eyes. In the myth of the sculptor Pygmalion makes a stone woman, whom Aphrodite brings to life as Galatea. Hughes makes wooden lumps of space and you bring them to life by looking at them. It is sculpted painting, solid space.

Check out more about Patrick Hughes on his Reverspective Website.