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Jimmy Hendrix Set On Fire by Phil Hansen

I'm one of Phil Hansen's fan and I do love and inspired by all of his creative arts since I firstly found him on YouTube doing his Bruce Lee High Speed Painting. He recently emailed me about his latest art work. The special things about Phil Hansen's Latest Artwork is he burned or destroyed them upon completion. This kind of method reminds me to the sand castles which I've made on the beach where I'll then bulldozed them after finish building the castles. The different is, I didn't take the video.

This art piece is called Jimmy Hendrix where he create a Jimmy Hendrix image by arranging colored match sticks. There is Red Tipped, Black Tipped and White Tipped Matchsticks and the size of the finished piece is 15" by 17". Check out this video for the full artwork in progress and then get burned.

Actually, Phil Hansen have started his new art blog called Goodbye Art and he will be posting different art pieces with different theme every week. That's why …

Cameron Diaz on pencil

This time, I'm still with my pencil sketch practice. But with a little more serious because I want to check my improvement in pencil drawings. I have done some BCD (Blind Contour Drawing) and CD (Contour Drawing) to improve my skill. Thanks to Takara for his advice on BCD and CD. However, I'm not going to post my BCD and CD sketch because I don't like how they look... but here is my Cameron Diaz sketch.

Cameron Diaz is one of my favorite popular celebrity. I refer this sketch from one of her celebrity pictures collection available on the internet. I don't remember the link because I found it already in my archive.

I choose the reference picture because of her hairstyles. I want to challenge myself for details of her hair and also with the water elements. If you noticed the water in this sketch, then I can say that was some improvement on me because it's real hard for me to draw realistic water surfaces. Another bonus this time is the making of Cameron Diaz sketch pho…