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Happy Girl

I'm quite busy lately so I don't have time to sketch even my hand vibrates to took the pencil and make a new sketch. Anyway, I have one more sketch to share with you. The model is refered from a magazine called Readers Digest... Enjoy...

Nicolas Cage

Also found the photo in Readers Digest. Just playing around with the tone and don't want to draw the full face... Is it look like Nicolas Cage?

Another Practice Sketch

Another practice... this sketch done with pencil on paper. Refered from an advertisement on Readers Digest... Just enjoy...

Listen to music

Just my practice sketch... i hope my skill will improve. Done with pencil on paper. The picture is dark coz there is not enough light in the room and I'm lazy to retake the photo at the brighter location... LOL

Smile... Oil Pastel

I'm trying to draw and color using oil pastel. So, here is the result then.

Done using Bunco oil pastel on my sketchbook. Not so good... But I think it's okay for a start.

MyList Update

Deanna Yusoff on my sketchbook

Deanna Yusoff is one of popular Malaysian actress, singer, model and host. She have won the The Best Women Film Actor Award on the 10th Malaysia Film Festival via a film called Selubung (1991). I referred this sketch from Jelita magazine's cover issue April 2005. Anyway, this is just my practice on pencil sketch. Enjoy...

Amy Search on Soft Pastel

This is my second attempt to draw using Soft Pastel. I'm still experimenting with the colors and blending. So, I draw Amy face. The singer of Malaysian rock band called Search. His band is so popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and even Brunei.

The drawing was created about 8 years ago and about a week after my first Soft Pastel drawing done. Still, I'm not really satisfied with it. Maybe I have to refer to some tutorials to find my mistakes.