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Hmm... This is my latest sketch. Still hot from the oven. I got this request from a blogger friend called Roshatika to draw her picture and I think she have been waiting for this for month since I got too busy to do so. Let me call her Kak Ros since she is older than me Ngeheheh! (Oh yeh! I feel younger.. hihihih). This sketch is done with 6B pencil in my sketch book. I referred this sketch from her photo taken on 1989. She have been announced as Ratu Cantik Pesta Port Dickson (Beautiful Queen of Port Dickson Feast... some kind of Miss Universe for Port Dickson) on 1989.

Hey, feel free to check out her nice blog at Diari Roshatika. She is so pretty isn't she? And here's a bonus from me... The making of Roshaika. Hope you enjoy it.

Old Sketch 10: Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious is more famous than all his band mate. He is from a punk rock band called Sex Pistols. By the way, this is my first attempt on soft pastel. I'm not satisfied with the output...

Old Sketch 9: Jazz

Another charcoal on paper workout. A jazz player... Enjoy

Old Sketch 8: Marilyn Manson

Still with the ROTTW magazine and found something catchy to draw. This sketch is referred from a Marilyn Manson picture. Done with pencil on paper.

Old Sketch 7: Kuman of KU2

Every time I get bored and don't know what to do, I pick up a magazine, and searching for something to draw. I still have my charcoal in my toolbox. The reference picture was so small in a magazine called ROTTW. And this is what I've done using charcoal on paper from my drawing block. The guy name is Kuman from a band called KU2.

Old Sketch 6: Horror

This is another old sketch. Done with charcoal on paper. At that time, I was trying my charcoal and have no idea what to draw. I read some ghost stories and this is what comes from my imagination...

Old Sketch 5: Musics

This is another old sketch done with pencil on paper. I created this sketch about 8 years ago. I call this sketch music because I'm sketching all the musicians I like at that time.

Jaipur Old Man

This sketch done with pencil on paper. It was refered from a photo called Jaipur Old Man. The photo is taken by Nicholas Ferrando from Argentina and make him win the 3rd place of Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2006 Competition.

Life is Great

Lately, I got busy and didn't update this blog... So many things to do. It comes one after another... So, here is my not so new sketch on my sketch book. Done with ballpen on paper. enjoy!!