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KOSTEM Logo Design Finalized

I didn't follow KOSTEM Mailing List much since I was so busy working offline on sites. So, I heard that they finally decided to use my logo design as the official KOSTEM logo. So, as promised, here is the Inkscape source file for the logo.

Download KOSTEM Logo Inkscape Source
Hope you like it. For those who would like to use my Logo & Branding Design Service, please comment here and leave your contact information. I will contact you as soon as I receive your message.

Bunny With A Mission

I don't feel so good because I couldn't join the Meeting Of Style at Sungai Kelang, LRT Pasar Seni on 4-5 Dec 2010. I heard that they are doing graffiti there. Talking about graffiti, I love to see graffiti art by Banksy. I did this artwork using Inkscape and it was inspired from Banksy's rat stencil masterpieces...

Actually, I have another mission for this bunnies artwork... hopefully, not a wall bomb a.k.a graffiti stencil coz I'm not into it... yet

KOSTEM Logo Design

KOSTEM stands for Koperasi Sumber Terbuka Malaysia Berhad which will be the first cooperative organization that supports open source movement in Malaysia. This is my first suggestion for KOSTEM logo:

The idea originates from Open Source logo which is green and look like a disc. I'm adding hands to that original open source logo which make it looks like human body with raised hands. The image of human with raised hands means freedom. Then, I align the logo to look like Malaysian official flower, The Hibiscus to put Malaysian sense to the logo. And finally, an open padlock in the middle which means, we are an open community.

If you like it, please vote for it to be the first KOSTEM logo. If you have any other opinions, feel free to leave your comment here.