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Logo Design: Xventour

Xventour is a brand for extreme sports & outdoor activity group in Malaysia which is founded in year 2000. It begins with a bunch of crews from Outdoor & Recreational Club of UiTM Machang, Kelantan who loved this kind of sports activity somewhere around year 1997. Since then, this group of people have been actively doing private hiking, kayaking, wall & rock climbing, white water rafting, snorkeling, camping, mountain bike and so on. Just tell them which mountain of Malaysia you wanna go, they are the experts who you can rely on.

Last week, the chief of this team asked me to re-design this brand logo. I feel honored to design their brand logo. So, after several design works, this is my first proposal. I hope they will love it.

In this design, I'm highlighting the X as the brand icon and embed a mountain shape at the bottom of the X. Even thou this team are expert in mountain hiking, the same mountain symbolism in this logo would give a lot of meanings like their courag…