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My Old Sketch 4: Double Nan

This is another old sketch... I haven't got any new sketch to post yet. People in this sketch is my college seniors. Both of them shared the same name which is Adnan Bin Hassan on the left and Adnan Bin Taha on the right. And both are responsible to give me the JeRuNgKuN nickname after I've been invited nicely to their 'ragging' session. Anyway, I've passed the session with flying colors (coz I followed everything they said and get them annoyed with no reason to beat me... I've made them laugh! hahaha!).

After that black night, they start being my best friends until now. Old school ragging was not the same as what I heard happen to the new generation. They use body contact a lot while we don't. During my school time, we just use 'psycho' where it could hurt the junior's mental very much if they can't accept this mental torture.

I sketched this using pencil on paper from a picture taken inside our tent at Gunung Ayam (Chicken Mountain) in Kelan…

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My Old Sketch 3: The Skinhead

Another old sketch done with pencil on paper. This sketch is about skinhead... I used to hang around with these boys since I was in secondary school until I've finished my diploma. But now, I feel like I'm too old for that. All my friends have gone I don't know where... We are leaving each other without any contact address or what so ever... All I can do right now is enjoying the reggae and SKA music alone or with my online friends. Check out my Reggae And SKA Videos blog and tune in my type of music... Of course I also like other music genre but this one gives me a lot of memories.

Bruce Lee - High Speed Painting by Phil Hansen

Hahaha.. I found this on YouTube today... great work by Phil Hansen. He is real cool and funny...

And this is the result...

I'm really inspired with Phil Hansen's artwork. He uses simple materials to create his special creative art. Check out more Phil Hansen's artwork at He is so creative!

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My Old Sketch 2: Save Our Child

This sketch is about children as war victim. It was inspired by a song about Saving Our Children from war. I really hate war. Why don't we simply live in peace and harmony?... Why war?... Urgh! I've got emotional on this...

It's not just we, are badly affected by the war. How about our children?... This sketch is also done by pencil on paper. And the gradient is done in Adobe Photoshop. You can simply do that by adding a new layer in Photoshop, apply a gradient fill on the layer and then change the layer mode to Screen.

My Old Sketch 1: TATU

Hahaha... I just found my old sketches. Done with pencil on paper. It reminds me to my practice on my sketch pad that have been lost... I don't know where I misplaced the sketch pad...

What I can remember with this sketch is I'm trying to sketch TATU, a Russian pop music duo. They are Lena Katina who is on the right and Yulia Volkova on the left. I didn't remember their top music at that time... Anyway, just enjoy my sketch. I'll be posting more old and memorable sketch that I have done years ago. Leave your comment or just Enjoy!