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Where to get Free Photoshop Brushes, Vector Graphics and Textures

I got some queries from friends about where did I get those free Adobe Photoshop Brushes, royalty free vector graphics and textures since my last post about Royalty Free Vector Graphics, Photoshop Brushes and Textures. Well my friend, I'm stick why my best answer for this... Just google it and you will find tons of those royalty free vectors, brushes and textures. It's true! I'm not joking about it. All you have to do is browse through the result and you'll find a lot of those valuable resources. You will find most of them are free and ready to be downloaded.

For those who are new with vector graphic, it is also called geometric modeling or object-oriented graphics. Vector Graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons, which are all based upon mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics. It is used in contrast to the term raster graphics, which is the representation of images as a collection of pixels. Ther…

Royalty Free Vector Graphics, Photoshop Brushes and Textures

As a busy Graphic Designer with tight schedule, ready made vector graphics, Photoshop brushes and textures will really helps you to be more productive with your graphic design work. So, it is a must for every graphic designer too keep the stock or collection of them.

You can create your own vector graphics, Photoshop brushes and textures for your stock when you have time or just doing a simple practice on it. I do made some when I'm practicing since I believe 'Practice Makes Perfect' plus, I can add these materials into my stocks. However, it took years to have a collection of thousand vector graphics, brushes and textures all by myself.

Come on my friend, worry no more! Because there are peoples around us who generously share their pre-made vector graphics, Photoshop brushes and textures. And they didn't claim any royalty on it. Isn't that great?... Royalty free vector illustrations, brushes and textures could save hours of design time normally spent sourcing and cr…