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ApOgEE is Blogging Again

My previous last post in this blog is in 2013. Therefore, it is been 6 years that I didn't write anything on this blog. Perhaps all of my fellow readers and followers of this blog have already forgotten that this blog still exists.

I would like to confess that I did lost interest in blogging and writing in 2013 due to my busy schedule of business and screen printing.

But the good news is... now I'm back.

And I hope this time I can share more stuff about arts that I'm working on.

You may ask, what I'm doing while not blogging? Did I stop doing arts?

The answer is YES, I'm still doing arts. It's just I didn't update this blog. I've been doing printmaking arts. I'm doing silkscreen printing business.

So for those who wanted to catch up what was happening with my arts since 2013 until now, you may visit APOGEEK Instagram Page. Perhaps, all those pictures may have your answers.

Otherwise, you may post your comments on this blog. And I hope we can make th…
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Kami Cetak T-Shirt Rekaan Anda!!

Cara membuat pesanan:
1. Pilih warna & saiz baju (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)
2. Sediakan rekaan grafik cetakan dalam format AI (Illustrator) atau SVG (Inkscape)
3. Emailkan warna pilihan, senarai saiz & rekaan grafik ke:

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Munah - Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile express + Finger

Yesterday I found a free Android apps on Google Play Store called Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile Express and started to play around with it. I think this application is so amazing. I'm looking forward to buy the pro version soon. However, I'm afraid cross hatching with my finger would cause blister. Is there anyone to sponsor me a capacitive stylus for my Samsung Google Nexus? heheh

Pergh Character Redesign Battle - Sephiroth

I'm planning to enter this week battle at Pergh. Every week, there will be Character Redesign Battle at And the title for this week is Sephiroth, which is one of the antagonist Final Fantasy character. So, here is a sneak peek of my work in progress:

I hope I can finish it soon.

Today is final day, and I'm not really satisfied with my resulting artwork... arkh!!

Copying Masterpieces - My Progressive Learning

Yesterday, I redraw a cartoon of female blogger artwork which I found on iStockPhoto. My attempt of copying other artist's masterpieces is another way to learn and get the feeling of how the original artist drawing it. Like a copy ninja, I use my Sharingan technique to copy the artwork. Hehehe... And today, I updated the same artwork, progressively add more details to follow the original masterpiece. Even thou this is not an oil painting masterpiece, I can still feel on how the artists draw it on vector graphic software like Inkscape.

This drawing is still unfinished, but enough for today. Because I'm already tired to continue. Maybe later. If you want to know more about Copying Masterpiece technique, there is a book about it. You can grab it from the link below.

Copying Masterpieces - by Jose Maria Parramon

Every student of art has been encouraged to copy works by renowned masters to better understand the skill and spirit that inform a great artist's vision. This book pro…

Redraw To Learn

Sometimes, we can learn something when we redraw someone else's artwork. I do learn from it too. As I feel so bored today, I redraw this female blogger artwork for fun. It is unfinished, but enough for me to have fun today. I found the original image on istockphoto via google image search.

I did it in Inkscape and GIMP.