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What is Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an open file format for vector graphics based on XML. Thanks to the work of a research group created in 1998 by the W3_Consortium: the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG enables Web developers and designers to create dynamically generated, high-quality graphics from real-time data with precise structural and visual control.

This format based on other public standards (XML, CSS, HTML) which allows for the creation of vectorial images which are re-scaleable, perfect to save bandwidth, to optimise layout and to allow zooming without losing the quality of the image. Graphics created in SVG can be dynamic or interactive, can group, transform, create graphic objects within other objects and be given style attributes.

With this powerful new technology, SVG developers can create a new generation of Web applications based on data-driven, interactive, and personalized graphics.

The good things about using this open format is you can easily transfer and edit them…

Ubuntu - the best art of operating system crafted

I've been busy with my daily routine, nearly to forget this blog. Thank god, I didn't forget this very blog. Well, as my blog readers know, I'm working in IT related, system development field and not officially into art and design field. However, my interest still goes deep into art and craft.

Lately, I've been playing a lot with this Ubuntu, a linux based operating system. Believe it or not, linux have gone far beyond the art of operating system. I would love to nominate Linux as the best operating system ever crafted. Why? because it was crafted by developers around the world without aiming for "money" in the first place. They build it to for the sake of having a flexible operating system for themselves to use. And what's good about linux is, they are sharing it for free around the earth globe.

As I've used to do my works in this OS, I'm starting to love it. If someone ask my recommendation whether to use Microsoft Vista or XP?, I'll surely sa…