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Showing posts from December, 2008

Facebook Graffiti Wall: Adawiyah

Did you remember my sketch of my sister's daughter, Adawiyah on my very first post of this blog? This is another sketch of Adawiyah, and this time it is on Facebook Graffiti Wall.

and as usual.. let's replay.. heheh

I'm tired to finish the details. It's already 4 AM... I can't save and continue the drawing because Facebook Graffiti Wall haven't had that features. So, this is all I can do for 2 hours...

Facebook Graffiti Wall: Nona Manis

I'm trying to do another drawing using the Facebook GrafFiti Wall again just after the Got Root drawing. I don't know why I'm getting inspired to improve my drawing using this tool. Thanks to Facebook Graffiti wall because I can learn and enjoy others painting to...

Here's my latest graffiti... I call it "Nona Manis"

And here's the how i draw it... I really enjoy the show.

Hope you enjoy it too!

Facebook Graffiti Wall: Thanks Intel

I would like to thanks Intel for being the sponsor of this superb graffiti wall on facebook.

now, lets play it...

I'm getting crazy with this Graffiti Wall... hehehe

Realistic Graffiti Drawing by Minh Hoang

Do you believe that this photo is one of the Facebook Graffiti Wall drawing?

I'm really amazed on how realistic and how Minh Hoang draw it. You can see it yourself by playing this graffiti drawing...

Damn real right?

Facebook Graffiti Wall: Got Root?

Previously, I register my facebook account just because I like to try the Graffiti Wall. So I draw REDD brings bread for GRIN for Emila.

I'm playing with my graffiti wall on my facebook again today... maybe this is the beginning of my real facebook graffiti journey...

The Facebook Graffiti Wall is really useful for those who wanna learn drawing and coloring because we can review our drawing and also see how other people draw from beginning to the final artwork. I can see there are lots of superb artists and learn how they work on their drawing. Pretty amazing... here's mine, check it out...

Feel free to add me on facebook, and put "artofapogee" on the message so i know you're coming from here. Hope you enjoy it!!