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My Old Sketch 4: Double Nan

This is another old sketch... I haven't got any new sketch to post yet. People in this sketch is my college seniors. Both of them shared the same name which is Adnan Bin Hassan on the left and Adnan Bin Taha on the right. And both are responsible to give me the JeRuNgKuN nickname after I've been invited nicely to their 'ragging' session. Anyway, I've passed the session with flying colors (coz I followed everything they said and get them annoyed with no reason to beat me... I've made them laugh! hahaha!).

After that black night, they start being my best friends until now. Old school ragging was not the same as what I heard happen to the new generation. They use body contact a lot while we don't. During my school time, we just use 'psycho' where it could hurt the junior's mental very much if they can't accept this mental torture.

Double Nan sketch

I sketched this using pencil on paper from a picture taken inside our tent at Gunung Ayam (Chicken Mountain) in Kelantan. We are hikers... but currently, I got too busy and haven't got the opportunity to go hiking anymore. Hope I'll have that glory time back soon.


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