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My Old Sketch 2: Save Our Child

This sketch is about children as war victim. It was inspired by a song about Saving Our Children from war. I really hate war. Why don't we simply live in peace and harmony?... Why war?... Urgh! I've got emotional on this...
Save Our Child

It's not just we, are badly affected by the war. How about our children?... This sketch is also done by pencil on paper. And the gradient is done in Adobe Photoshop. You can simply do that by adding a new layer in Photoshop, apply a gradient fill on the layer and then change the layer mode to Screen.


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Not an oil pastel portrait yet

I'm still trying to develop my oil pastel rendering skill... it is really hard. I can't even achieve the color I want yet... I don't know what to say anymore... I'm just not satisfied with it...

"Another oil pastel rendering practice"

Yesterday evening, I bought some cotton buds. I hope it can helps improving my Buncho oil pastel rendering.

I wish I could draw better...

Vector Graphics - SKA Dance Couple

I'm a bit busy lately but I won't let you down. So, here is my latest Inkscape practice artwork, the SKA Dance Couple vector graphic.

You can download the Inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics here: Download SVG

Cross Hatching Practice: Maher Zain

I'm not feeling very well today. I got MC, staying at home and tuning to Malaysian radio station which couldn't stop playing Maher Zain songs. Perhaps, I may have also been infected by Maher Zain fever around Malaysia. Therefore, I took my pen and draw this for all Maher Zain fans...

This drawing is done using ballpoint pen and my sketchbook paper. Hope you enjoy it!