Ubuntu-my t-shirt printing - The Community have decided.

Two days ago I've started my Ubuntu Malaysia community t-shirt design and it have gone through several changes and updates. Last night, I'm having a quick discussion with Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo team members on #ubuntu-my IRC channel which you can read the log here, some of community member bring up the issue on:
  1. Why monochrome Sleeve Logo?
  2. Why No embroidery?
  3. could we cut the price?
  4. t-shirt & print quality.

Previously, I've told you that I only found one printer who can print it on time. I couldn't spend much time to search for other printers due to my busy schedule which mean I don't have much choices. So, I leave it to them to find and select other printers that suit their requirement.

As the result of that discussion, the final specification for printing is:
  1. Dark Brown t-shirt - 100% cotton, with sleeve grip and collar (Polo)
  2. Colored Embroidery logo - on sleeve (and pocket side if possible). Actual size is 6x6 cm.
  3. Silkscreen print on back, and pocket side (if couldn't do embroidery on pocket side). Back design actual size is A4 Landscape.
  4. Price remain RM50 (they will try to reduce this) and those who ordered have to pay A.S.A.P. which is handled by wanfahmi (itiknila). This is because we don't have any community fund to pay it to printer and we are not getting any profit from that amount.

So, the order form is still open and you can still make your t-shirt order until they close it. I'm also leaving this handled by them.

And here is the final to be printed design:

~ Back Design ( A4 Size - Landscape )~

~ Pocket Side and Sleeve ( 6cm x 6cm ) ~

~ t-shirt Preview ~

:: Designed in Inkscape + GIMP ::

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If you like to print them yourself, I've make the source openly available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License. You can download the Artwork Source and print or play with it. I use Inkscape version 0.46 before you ask.

For those who love this design and is kind enough to buy the t-shirt for me, feel free to do so. Thanks for being supportive. You can buy the t-shirt for me by clicking on this button:
Thanks Again!!

OK, that's all I think. I'm off now. Any further questions can be asked on Ubuntu Malaysia Community Mailing List or Ubuntu Malaysia official IRC channel. Cheers!!

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