Great Drawing Tutorial Collection by EclecticAsylum - Part I

While still working on my painting for Dewangga Sakti album cover, I surf around the web sphere to pickup some ideas and inspirations from others. I then bumped to this great collection of video tutorial by EclecticAsylum on How to draw portraits. For those who didn't know much about EclecticAsylum, his real name is Jason. This great artists have been demonstrating his art skills for years in youtube and have been posting a lot of his art videos.

I'm inspired by his technique... In hope by learning from this videos will improve my skills as well, I'm sharing the channel with you...

Learn to Draw Portraits - Ep.1 Introduction

Learn to Draw Portraits - Ep.2A Value & Contrast

Learn to Draw Portraits - Ep.2B Value & Contrast

Hope you enjoy it too!!... I will continue adding the other parts soon... so, stay tune!

update: I have to remove and split the tutorial to 3 videos per post due to limitation of some browser which cannot load all the videos. Sorry for the inconvenient. Just stay tune and you'll get all videos here

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