My Old Sketch 1: TATU

Hahaha... I just found my old sketches. Done with pencil on paper. It reminds me to my practice on my sketch pad that have been lost... I don't know where I misplaced the sketch pad...

ApOgEE's TATU sketch

What I can remember with this sketch is I'm trying to sketch TATU, a Russian pop music duo. They are Lena Katina who is on the right and Yulia Volkova on the left. I didn't remember their top music at that time... Anyway, just enjoy my sketch. I'll be posting more old and memorable sketch that I have done years ago. Leave your comment or just Enjoy!

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Gerberto said...

Maybe the artist will see this:

I like the drawing - it captures their likeness, and inspires me to try again to draw portraits.

Thanks, Ger - Feb.19, 2012