Reverspective - Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes is a great artist who creates amazing artworks with optical illusions where you can see the perspective changing while moving across his masterpieces. Born in Birmingham, England in October 1939. His first exhibition was in 1961 and his first reverspective was made in 1964. He has been exhibiting with Angela Flowers Gallery (now Flowers Galleries) since 1970. He has written and collated five books on visual and verbal rhetoric.

Hughes' work is full of irony. By creating a world solidified into perspective he makes pictures that come alive before our eyes. In the myth of the sculptor Pygmalion makes a stone woman, whom Aphrodite brings to life as Galatea. Hughes makes wooden lumps of space and you bring them to life by looking at them. It is sculpted painting, solid space.

Check out more about Patrick Hughes on his Reverspective Website.

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