Hmm... This is my latest sketch. Still hot from the oven. I got this request from a blogger friend called Roshatika to draw her picture and I think she have been waiting for this for month since I got too busy to do so. Let me call her Kak Ros since she is older than me Ngeheheh! (Oh yeh! I feel younger.. hihihih). This sketch is done with 6B pencil in my sketch book. I referred this sketch from her photo taken on 1989. She have been announced as Ratu Cantik Pesta Port Dickson (Beautiful Queen of Port Dickson Feast... some kind of Miss Universe for Port Dickson) on 1989.

Hey, feel free to check out her nice blog at Diari Roshatika. She is so pretty isn't she? And here's a bonus from me... The making of Roshaika. Hope you enjoy it.


wheatgerm said...

wonderful skecth

ApOgEE said...

thank you very much.

Ian T. said...

Excellent portrait, Apogee!