Joe Lateshow Cartoon Feed

Hey, guess what?... It was a brand new Cartoon Feed called Joe Lateshow.

Joe Lateshow is officially open for public now. I enjoy bLaugh and now Joe Lateshow too. I thought it was another Brad Fitzpatrick artwork. Yeah, I guess it from his drawing stroke and the web look alike. Anyway, you can find out yourself who's there.

Let me tell you a little secret, the best way to get all these cartoon straight away to you is by subscribing to their RSS feed. Since, I don't have time to check wether there is new post on my favorite blogs or websites. So, I simply utilize Google Reader and subscribe to their RSS Feeds. Easy trick huh?

Then why wait? Subscribe to his Blog and Cartoon feeds via RSS or Email now.

p/s: You can also subscribe to my RSS Feed to know if I'm posting new stuff on this blog too.

[Joe Lateshow via Brad Fitzpatrick]

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