Kerawang Bunga Tujuh Petala

This floral vector is called Kerawang Bunga Tujuh Petala. I'm adding this into my Inkscape practice of Kerawang Collections. Some of you may ask, what is 'Kerawang'? Kerawang is Malaysian word for floral vector arts.

This vector art is done in Inkscape. You can download my Inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics file: Download SVG

Victorian Vector Designs (Dover Pictura Vector Designs)You may also like to checkout this great book of Victorian Vector Designs (Dover Pictura Vector Designs). This book is lavishly detailed and embellished with floral motifs, interlocking vines, or mythical figures, this selection of authentic Victorian-era illustrations offers 200 Vector-based designs featuring a marvelous mix of banners, borders, scrollwork, frames, and more. Accompanied by a gallery of inspiring ideas and step-by-step tutorials, these royalty-free designs will stay crisp even when enlarged. You can redraw the floral motif in Inkscape and use it on your artworks too.

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