Floral Vector - Kerawang Bunga Andana

Companions of my previous vector graphic design, the Kerawang Bunga Andani. Here is my Kerawang Bunga Andana. This vector is done in Inkscape.

You can download the Inkscape Scalable Vector Graphic file: Download SVG


eppy.hate.milk said...

hi. i'm shahril, a student from UTP. i love this kerawang design, and i'd like to ask for permission to use it in my logo designing project. there are traditional elements in the logo and this kerawang design is a good example. i hope you'd approve of this.

ApOgEE said...

hi shahril, yes you can use it in your project. Thanks for asking. I hope you can give a link back to this post if you blog it.

eppy.hate.milk said...

thank you! i googled around this morning for my research and stumbled upon ur page. awesome design! keep up the good work!