Nasha Aziz sketch part one

After some busy months, I just got the opportunity to do another sketch yesterday. To avoid my pencil sketch skill getting rusty, I tried to draw Nasha Aziz, referred from a magazine cover found on my book shelf.

And the result show, my skill already got rusted. Simply because I couldn't even finish the drawing in a day. The first attempt got lot's of mistakes make me shy to show you that sketch . I really need more practice to polish my drawing skill.

Here's the unfinished drawing of Nasha Aziz, one of the famous actress in Malaysia:

Not done yet for my pencil on paper drawing. This sketch didn't satisfy me much. I can feel my sketch is far away from the output image in my brain processor... Maybe, my hand printer need to be re-aligned, serviced or need some 'clean ink head' procedure...

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