The Art of Programming

Apart from being an art hobbyist and freelance graphic designer, I'm currently working as Software Engineer for a Wireless Broadband company here in Kuala Lumpur. Seems like I'm in a different field but I really love programming since I hear about it back in 1996. I still remember the day that my friend told me that I have to have at least a mainframe to do programming while I only have an old Windows 3.1 PC.
I then started my journey to know more about programming, learn the Assembly Language and Turbo Pascal by reading cheap Second Hand books since it's hard to find internet cafe at that time. Those memories makes me laugh and I'll surely knock my friend's head (the guy who lie about the Mainframe) because I do programming using a simple Win95 PC and not a mainframe or any super computer.

For me, Programming have its own artistic value. The science and art of programming is really wonderful. I draw this cartoon during my early years of assembly language programming journey. Most of the examples on assembly language code I read that time is for cracking and hacking... Owh please, don't stare at me like that. I don't crack softwares and sell it. I just do some reverse engineering for my learning purpose. If you are interested about The Art Of programming, then check out this long Art Of Programming article on


Jafabrit said...

I didn't understand a thing you said lol! but I appreciate the skill that goes into the art of programming.
Like the cartoon drawing.

ApOgEE said...

Umm... Sorry for that. Did I use lots of technical jargon there? Or my grammar is broken? I typed those words that came across my brain.. ;D

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Apogee! Cool! You're an artist and an engineer too!