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Successful branding starts with the right logo. As I'm dealing with lots of Graphic Design jobs, knowledge on creating logo that's professional, memorable, and adaptable is essential. I recently notice one blog with good articles about Logo Design. Its a blog that worth reading for Graphic Designer who's dealing with logos and branding.

Logo Design Blog

Logo Blog is dedicated to giving you unbiased, reliable and independent user based reviews and advice about Logos, and Logo Design Companies.

I like their commitment to provide up-to-the-minute news and articles about the logo design industry. They encourage every one to participate and have discussion about the various logo design companies, logo design skills, logo design styles and the new customized typefaces and design ideas. Logo Blog also conducts interviews of logo designers, which will help you in understanding some logo design technicalities in laymen terminology.

Logo Rank at Logo BlogLogo Blog also provides free logo design review services for small businesses along with a free monthly marketing and branding newsletter. Concisely, Logo Blog is concerned with the excellence of the logo design services provided by the logo design companies to their customers.

Their Logo Company Ranking can be a good start for those who are searching for Logo Company to design their Company Logo. The reviews about these Logo and Branding Companies can really help you choosing the best that suits your branding needs. Check out the Logo Design Blog for more articles on Logo Design. Hope you enjoy this too...

The Art of Programming

Apart from being an art hobbyist and freelance graphic designer, I'm currently working as Software Engineer for a Wireless Broadband company here in Kuala Lumpur. Seems like I'm in a different field but I really love programming since I hear about it back in 1996. I still remember the day that my friend told me that I have to have at least a mainframe to do programming while I only have an old Windows 3.1 PC.
I then started my journey to know more about programming, learn the Assembly Language and Turbo Pascal by reading cheap Second Hand books since it's hard to find internet cafe at that time. Those memories makes me laugh and I'll surely knock my friend's head (the guy who lie about the Mainframe) because I do programming using a simple Win95 PC and not a mainframe or any super computer.

For me, Programming have its own artistic value. The science and art of programming is really wonderful. I draw this cartoon during my early years of assembly language programming journey. Most of the examples on assembly language code I read that time is for cracking and hacking... Owh please, don't stare at me like that. I don't crack softwares and sell it. I just do some reverse engineering for my learning purpose. If you are interested about The Art Of programming, then check out this long Art Of Programming article on PaulGraham.com

Guido Daniele - Multimedia Artists And Body Painter

While surfing around the net, I found this great body painter website. I really enjoy his hand painting masterpiece. These hand paintings was so cool and realistic. Honestly, this kind of art works really inspires me. Maybe sounds like I'm in a day dreaming, but I really hope that I can be as good as this too . Anyway, Guido Daniele is a Multimedia Artist and Body Painter who lives and works in Milan, Italy. He was born in Soverato (CZ - Italy). Since 1964 until 1968 he attended Brera artistic High School and he graduated from Brera School of Arts (major in sculpturing) in 1972. He lived in India since 1972 to 1974 where he attended the Tankas school in Dharamsala.

Guido Daniele - Handimals

Guido Daniele has worked as a hyper-realistic illustrator, co-operating with editing and advertising companies, innovating with airbrush and testing out various painting techniques. Since 1986 he has been working and improving his personal usage of airbrush. He has painted backcloths up to 400 sq metres in size. He has also painted trompe l'oeil images for private houses and public buildings. In 1990 he developed a body painting technique, and his work has been used in advertising images and commercials, as well as fashion events and exhibitions. His personal artistic research has recently led him to the combination of the two traditional portrait techniques, which are photography and oil painting, laied on photographic support in the same way as Jan Saudek. His "master" of photographic shooting and manual print in darkroom has always been the famous photographer Francesco Radino. Its search started in 2000 about "Handimals" which was made with the method of body painting has a great international interest.

Check out his website at Guido Daniele for more informations.